Month of the Reverse Paintings

This month we celebrate those artists who can paint in reverse! Come see these amazingly skilled artists who are some of the best in painting in reverse.


Virginia Gabaldo - An international artist, born in Argentina, she creates reverse painted glass wall reliefs in a multi-layered process. Beginning with slumping each piece, she creates depth as she adds color through a sedimentation process with powdered semi-precious metals, mica and rare pigments. The reverse-painted glass bas reliefs are initially created by slumping glass, up to 3 layer thick, over sculptural forms in a large kiln. After firing, the work is painted on the back surface of the glass using a unique sedimentation process involving powdered semi precious metals, titanium and mica and rare pigments. This process is a re-creation of the natural earth processes, which occur in the flooding of dry lake beds, and subsequent sedimentation, evaporation and desiccation.


Virginia says, "My inspiration is derived from ancient and modern cultures and their interaction with the natural forces eternally shaping the land. I have channeled time into a waterfall, pouring its clear crystalline water over the layers of life. The earth process of layering plays an integral part in creating soil for the growth of seeds and also sedimentary strata containing geologic records that go back to the origins of the earth. My work explores this phenomenon through diverse forms and textures in a surreal setting deep within the earth's layers. Numerous elements appear to be in cross section beckoning further examination. They are open, exposed, possessing a certain vulnerability, yet protected by a crystalline outer layer. Each work offers a unique glimpse into the layers of earth long ago buried by time. We are reminded of the dichotomy of man's existence…his late arrival in geologic time, yet his powerful ability to leave a great mark in so short a time."




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