Mark Lange


Mark Lange
Mark Lange, an established photographer, is a duel resident of Ohio and Arizona. He has a Bachelor and Master's of Science in Biology from the University of Akron. He taught biology and coached various sports for 35 years. Photography had always been an interest of his and as a senior in high school that interest was enhanced when he did a science fair project on Astrophotography as his topic of investigation. While at the University of Akron he had the opportunity to take photographs through an electon microscope. During his teaching career he used photography to enhance the visual learning of his students, including taking pictures both still and video through microscopes. As time permitted he would do various photography shoots and projects. He retired in 2007, bought his first digital camera, and joined his community's photo club where he teaches workshops on digital photography. Because of the club's involvement in Arizona Photography, he is able to collaborate with outstanding photographers on a regular basis.