Lenore Robins


Lenore Robins
"The art world can often be a puzzle for many. I often find myself in a most puzzling situation, quite literally. With my art, I try to unravel the puzzle by creating designs which are highly imaginative, multi-dimensional and easily accessible to the viewer. By using many coats of acrylic paints and acrylic texture media, with gold and metal leaf accents, I create sculptural wall art of vibrant color and contrast. The three dimensional aspects of my work, in combination with strong geometric themes, draw viewers to reach out to touch my work. The high gloss, polymer liquid glass resin, which I use to finish many of my pieces, is a technically challenging, very beautiful finish, which I have mastered over many years of experience." "Photography does not do justice to my work. The camera lens just does not capture the vibrancy of my colors, the depth of my textural accents, nor the dimensionality of my work. To truly appreciate my artwork, one must see the originals. The images on these pages provide a glimpse into my world, but the reality is far superior.” Lenore Diamond Robins has been creating vibrant, exciting, multi-dimensional wood based art for over 20 years. Each piece is individually designed and constructed by the artist. Using acrylic paints, texture media, gold and metal leaf accents, Lenore creates one-of-a- kind contemporary, sculptural designs. Most of her works are finished with liquid glass, a technically challenging but very beautiful, high gloss, hand poured finish. Lenore's work must be seen in the original to be fully appreciated.