Ron Gill


Ron Gill
Ron Gill began working with wood as a child in Pennsylvania where his father and uncle were builders. During his years as an educator and photographer, woodworking served as a creative outlet which eventually took a more artistic turn. Ron has always appreciated the beauty of nature and through his woodworking tries to bring that beauty into the home. Having grown up as a 3rd generation woodworker, his passion has become turning nature’s art into functional art for the home. He works with both domestic and imported hardwoods and burls in their natural live edge forms with a growing emphasis on reclaimed local wood. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and has its own story. His designs focus on preserving the natural color and integrity of each piece of wood with a fine finish while adding other media such as glass or metal to compliment it. He strives to produce pieces that will not only be treasured today but by generations to follow. Ron says, ” At times it can be hot and dirty work, but in the end it is truly a labor of love.”,h_400,c_fill/cuai6tsvpnq5n4b9rk8k.jpg