Kelly Munchel


Kelly Munchel
Kelly is a self-taught fluid artist who with great perseverance has perfected a style that is unique to her. As a degree interior designer, she recognized the desire of her clients for original artwork that reflected their style and home decor. She is inspired by things found in nature; like seashells, skies, oceans, flowers, marble, rocks and trees because the colors and textures are so beautiful! This has been her inspiration to create unique, one of a kind pieces that tell their own stories. As a fluid artist she creates resin paintings. The resin pour process includes mixing different pigments, metals and acrylics into the resin. This method creates a marble looking glass-like finish. Various tools are used to create different designs in her artwork. Kelly’s artwork has also been created for corporate applications. She can create multiple paintings to accommodate longer wall spaces. Kelly collaborates with clients on color choices and appropriate sizing. She offers custom sized artwork based upon her clients’ needs. “Making unique and beautiful pieces for my clients’ homes and businesses is one of my greatest joys.”,h_400,c_fill/oe9uuts9noh26qjkz3t1.jpg