Jess Drake


Jess Drake
Jess Drake has always had natural artistic abilities. When in High School one of his Art Teachers accused him of copying a picture out of a book. The teacher had set up a still life for the class to draw as an assignment and Jess' work was so good that he was made to draw a second drawing form a different perspective to prove it was not a copy. Surprisingly a similar situation occurred in college when one of his Professors was convinced that Jess copied a design because it "looked too good." The High School teacher later requested Jess' work for presentation at the school art show, and the Art Professor later procured Jess' work for the University's permanent art collection. Jess is a graduate of University of Redlands, a prestigious privet university, where he graduated with honors and distinction in Fine Art. While at the University of Redlands he studied with John Nava, one of today’s most successful living Artists. Jess received a lifetime teaching credential in Fine Art and taught on a college level for a number of years. Jess has had his work displayed and won awards in many national and international juried shows and museums. Jess has a rare ability to return collectors to a bygone era. His work reflects the formal history of ceramics from the primordial to the contemporary. His unique skill with techniques, both ancient and modern, produces a kaleidoscope of design that has a hypnotic effect on the viewer. Jess’ porcelains are all one of a kind, created from inspiration founded in nature. His work is incredibly complex and infinitely beautiful.,h_400,c_fill/ofuxfn2b33fp3lqocpry.jpg