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Urbain Huchet

Urbain Huchet was born in Rennes, France in 1930. After studying law and owning a textile factory for four years, he decided in 1960 to devote himself entirely to painting. He spent his first three years as an artist in Port-Aven, following in the footsteps of Gaugin and Emile Bernard, both of whom influenced him a great deal.  He is considered one of the greatest living French artists. Urbain Huchet is a master of Contemporary Impressionism. His paintings and lithographs celebrate a wide spectrum of life ranging from delightful vignettes of the Parisian scene to the inspired beauty of dramatic seascapes and the French countryside. Many of his paintings express his love of the sea and the Brittany coast.

After moving to Paris in 1963, his love of adventure and travel led him to spend time painting and writing in Europe, the Middle East and South America where he produced marvelous imagery capturing the essence of the lands and people. 
He made 14 trips of more than 4 months each, from Mexico to Brazil, via Peru, Central America and the Caribbean islands. A luxurious portfolio of lithographs of Egypt shows his love of that country.

His wonderful depictions of circus performers, musicians and everyday people were strongly influenced by his adventures and sojourns in foreign lands.

Exhibitions of his work have been held throughout he world.  Paris, however, is where the largest number of his works were produced and the subject of many. At least 300 editions of lithographs have been printed of his works, all produced by the artist himself in workshops in Paris and Cannes.